Deep Tissue Massage or Therapeutic Body Work treats specific areas of injury, pain, and restriction.

body-work-therapeutic-massageEach session begins with a consultation, and is designed to provide serious attention to your personal needs.

Techniques used may include Trigger Point, Rolfing, Myofascial Release, Myokenetics, Neuromuscular Release, Orthopedic and Sports Massage, plus personalized instruction in corrective exercises and stretches you can do at home.

1 hour ~ $75

1½ hours ~ $112

foot-massage-smallFoot Reflexology makes you feel good all over by stimulating reflex points on your feet. Reflexology is helpful for tired, sore feet and can provide healing rejuvenation to reflexed organs. The feet and lower legs are treated, with no disrobing.

Foot reflexology can be a surprisingly metamorphic experience. This technique can affect results ranging from relaxation to improvement in physiology and function.

Deep myofascial massage added to your foot session can also address plantar fascitis, neuropathy, gout, arthritis, and other painful foot conditions.

1 hour ~ $75

1 1/2 hour ~ $112

chairmassage_1254-2Mobile Masseuse will come to you with custom massage chair or table to address deeply-rooted physical problems in the comfort of your home, lodging, or office. Relaxing into our massage chair opens trigger points on the back, enabling the therapist to do deep tissue release work which will give a profound sense of release and relaxation. Chair massage is a win-win for people with deep-rooted and chronic pain on back and shoulders and can be done in a public setting, like an office, as the client remains fully clothed.

Chair massage ~ 15 minutes ~ $20

Chair massage ~ 30 minutes ~ $35

Table massage~ 1 hour ~ $75

Advance Notice helps us accommodate your needs.
Travel fee varies, so please inquire.

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