Massage & Spa Packages…a Spa Experience in a safe and cozy setting… Custom packages in an intimate setting where your individual needs are given full attention.

The Couples Package 
Designed for those who want an introduction to massage and would like to share the experience with a close companion.

You will be together in a cozy, safe environment sharing an unforgettable time. Lotions, oils and aromatherapy used with a Swedish Massage (one-half hour each) and a mini-facial, plus a Eucalyptus Steam followed by an Exfoliating Shower Scrub (with complimentary loofah scrubby that you can take home). Includes:

  • Eucalyptus Steam Session
  • Exfoliating Shower Scrub
  • Mini-Facial
  • Massage for each of you

Couples Package is momentarily modified due to Covid Procedures.

Feel free to as what I can do for you!

A Couple ~ 1/2 hour massage each ~ allow 2 hours total ~ $155

A Couple ~ 1 hour massage each plus a complimentary Hot Stone layout ~ allow 3 hours total ~ $215

THE EUREKA EUPHORIA You CAN have it all! If you need serious pampering, a chance to get away from it all, or just want to love yourself – this is for you! A radiant reconnecting experience. Includes:

  • ‘The Face’
  • ‘The Feet’
  • The Eucalyptus Steam/Shower with Exfoliating Herbal Scrub Shower
  • Hot Stone layout
  • plus lots of massage.

3 hours ~ $230

THE ‘Ahhhh…’

  • 1 hour Full body Relaxation Massage
  • Mini-facial
  • Eucalyptus Steam & Exfoliating Shower Scrub w/ complimentary loofah scrubby
  • Hot Stone layout

allow 2 hours ~ $155 – Yum!

HOT STONE MASSAGE Smooth, heated basalt stones are placed on key points on your body and used along with oil to massage your muscles. The warmth and pressure of the rocks produce a sensory experience to calm even the most highly stressed.

1 1/2 hours ~ $125

THE FACE uses warm herbal towels and eye compresses with non-allergenic, gentle facial cleanser and clay masque, restorative toner, moisturizer, and cream to leave your face fresh and dewey.

With a full body Relaxation Massage
1 1/2 hours ~ $120

THE FEET includes soaking, exfoliation, moisturizing, and massage to feet and lower legs, with soothing, stimulating moisturizer repair balm. The ultimate in caretaking for tired, dry, cracked, and sore feet.

With full body Relaxation Massage:
1 1/2 hours ~ $120

Gift Certificates Available – call 479-253-8359

  • Prices & Services are Subject to Change

Not your ordinary Spa Experience — let Carol design the perfect spa package or couples package for your Eureka Springs visit!

I’ve traveled all over the country and gotten massages. This massage is the best I’ve experienced. I’ll be back. ~ Richard, Reno, NV