“Lucky me! One of the advantages of living in the Beaver Lake area near Eureka Springs is my weekly massage appointment with Carol Brown. Benefits? A healthy, less-stressful life and an over-all feeling of energy and well-being. Regardless of my needs at the moment, Carol intuits them and tailors her therapy to my improvement. Whether you are addressing aches and pains or simply want to float away on a peaceful cloud, you will be pampered by Carol’s healing touch.” ~ L. S., Eureka Springs, AR

” Carol has kept me moving and working for over 20 years. Due to her body work, I am able to continue working as a hairdresser. My monthly visit to her is a gift to my body and spirit.” ~ B. D., Eureka Springs, AR

“I’ve had a pulled muscle for 10 months. After trying several other things, I came to Carol Brown and she worked magic with me. I feel great now!”
~ D. L., Holiday Island, AR

“Whether you want help and relief from pain or just want to pamper yourself … this is the place.”
~B.B., Rockhouse, AR

“I’ve traveled all over the country and gotten massages. This massage is the best I’ve experienced. I’ll be back.”
~ Richard, Reno, NV

“We’ve found something which is not bigger or better in Texas… that is the massages Carol Brown gives. It is worth the drive!” ~ S. & G., Brenham, Texas

“My first massage with Carol in 1998 was an “Ah-Ha” moment… Carol’s commitment to excellence and her caring nature have made her massage therapy an integral part of my holistic wellness plan ever since.” ~ C. M., Busch, AR

“Carol Brown is a friend, confidante, and massage therapist. I would like to get massage every two weeks but am able to come only once a month. She consults with me on how I’m feeling before she starts a good full hour. I have been going to massage therapy for over 25 years. At first it was special, just for me! But over the years my health has deteriorated and now I go to feel better. Carol was recommended to me by people from Holiday Island and I am very happy to call her “Friend”. ~ M. H., Holiday Island, AR

“Wow, this was great. I’d come more often if I didn’t live in Canada.” ~Toronto

“Now that we’ve found someone to help us with our pain, we’ll be back.” A & J, Tulsa, OK