The Massage Experience — What to Expect

by Carol Brown

In 1951, the State of Arkansas established the Arkansas State Board of Massage to regulate the practice of massage for the protection of the public as well as massage therapists. Your massage is performed to the highest professional standard established by the Board. I would enjoy introducing you to your first massage experience. Here is what you can expect:

When you arrive, we will discuss your physical and health concerns, and design the session with your particular needs in mind. Massage is a very individualistic experience so we take the time to determine your goals for your session. We encourage you to express your wishes, and always, we welcome feedback.

carol-massage-roomYou will be shown the available facilities including the restroom and shower, etc., and then be left to disrobe privately and recline on the plush massage table, covered by a sheet and blanket. The areas being worked on (your back, legs, etc.) will be individually uncovered — the private parts remain covered at all times. Your massage can be accomplished completely clothed if you desire. For the fully clothed session, appropriate massage techniques will be used, without oils or lotions — even the hot stone session can be received fully clothed.

The massage will begin by guiding you in a relaxing breathing technique while soft music is playing. You will find yourself becoming quite relaxed. Since some people prefer quiet while receiving their massage and others relax better with some dialogue, please feel free to state your preferences before or during your session.

Your massage is offered in a small, cozy setting perfectly suited for private, individual massage sessions. Given notice, we can usually accommodate a couple or two individuals at a time, offering a simple, intimate, and peaceful ambiance for delivering quality service. Please let me design your massage experience and make it a memorable one.

My goal is to help you ‘Feel Better in Body, Mind and Spirit’. I want you to leave with the desire to return again to Eureka Springs to experience again … professional, competent, and compassionate massage service.

@ Carol A. Brown 2010